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Less Jacking More Drifting :)

@battleistofficial who brought you Drift Bit (releasing this summer) brings the adaptable E-Lift for those who want to spend less time jacking and more time drifting!! Pre Sale orders and in depth information now available at Pinku Style online store a recognized dealer of Battleist gear.

Other popular chassis will be developed

Compatibility Checklist

Here is a checklist to determine that this E-Lift will work in your car.

Nissan s13 Chassis

s13/s14/s15 rear subframe to accept 2 or 4 bolt diff cover/hat

s13/s14/s15 R180/ R200 diff cover/hat with 2 or 4 bolts.

220mm from ground to bottom of your diff or less, to raise your wheels off the ground. Suits lowered cars with coilovers with minimal sag.

12v power source (the car’s battery or other power system in the car)


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