Sweaty S2K Man profile picture Sweaty S2K Man 3 years ago

I need help with the FH4 Lego Expantion.

So its not that its hard or that I can unlock stuff, its that when I first started doing all the brick challenges, I didnt have any space in my garage. So when I did the intro to it to get the Mini, It never went to my garage. I didn’t know this at the time and kept going untill I got the F40. I went to my garage to see that they wernt there so I cleared out my garage to make space for them. Now normally what would happen is I would make space and then I would give me the cars, but it didn’t. So now ive been robbed of two of the three cars that I spent time tring to get. If you know any way for me to somehow get then then please tell me.