First. Car. LIVE! #Season 7: For a happy new year. (Rate the compilation in the comments below.)

First. Car. LIVE! #Season 7: For a happy new year. (Rate the compilation in the comments below.) - Ask Car Throttle

Because i really like doing these lists, i’ll continue doing them. I still no car, btw. Hopefully this year.

  1. Ford Mondeo XR5
  2. Mitsubishi Colt Plus Ralliart AWD
  3. Lada Priora Sport
  4. Fiat Marea Turbo
  5. Hyundai Scoupe
  6. Opel Calibra 4x4 Turbo
  7. Citroen XM 2.5TD
  8. Renault Twingo Initiale
  9. Autobianchi/Lancia Y10 Turbo 4WD
  10. Acura Integra ZXi4WD

To begin with, i chose a highway cruiser car, the top spec Ford Mondeo. It’s basicaly a hotel on wheels if you get a specced out one. It has intelligent cruise control, dead angle cameras, rear view camera, electric seats with cooling, heating and memory options, electric mirrors with smart dimming, window and mirror heating, automatic wipers, directional headlights and other interesting features, besides having the same 2.5L inline-5 turbo engine as the Focus ST from the same production year.

The next one would be a Colt Plus AWD fully converted to Ralliart. It may have a solid rear axle, but that didn’t stop people from using that kind of cars on the track. The 4G15 engine is as capable as any other Mitsubishi engine, the stock internals being able to take lots of power.

Lada Priora Sport, althrough not having an engine as reliable as the rest from what i’ve heard, it can get an engine swap at any time. The older engines can be tuned N/A to well over 100HP/L.

One of Fiat’s hidden gems is Marea Turbo. It became a huge hit in Brazil due to its high tuning potential and large tuning scene. People have boosted it to more than 300HP at the wheels.

If you know me, you clearly know i like small engines with big power, Hyundai Scoupe is no exception. It may have a tiny engine, but it can push out of those 1.5L more than 300HP at the crank with no modifications whatsoever. Of course with forged internals, it could take a lot more. But i find it very impressive when cars can take a lot on their stock form. One common mod on these is actually to replace the turbo with a supercharger, giving them that naturally aspirated feel.

Opel Calibra 4x4 Turbo, albeit rare, is a true tuner’s sports car. Just like the Audi TT mentioned in a previous episode, the weak link are the connecting rods. But that shouldn’t stop any enthusiast from modding them, since forged alternatives are as cheap as they can possibly be. They can take 300, 400, 500, how much power you want and are willing to spend money for. There are kits to also manually engage the rear wheels.

This one is rivaling the Mondeo, since it’s yet another hotel on wheels. This one, though, has a state of the art suspension setup, using Citroen’s Hydractive system. Forget about body roll, but also about feeling every single bump in the road. Because of its hydropneumatic suspension, it can give you both the sportines you always wanted, while also not sacrificing the confort. Just like the aforementioned, it has lots of features. The top trims have lots of features such as power seats with heating and memory, electric mirrors with heating and parking assist, electric curtains, multiple LCDs with useful information for the driver, 4 zones independent AC, automatic wipers, power sunroof, cruise control, active power steering, GPS navigation and many others.

Twingo Initiale is Renault’s attempt at fitting as many luxury options they can in their cheapest model. By “fitting as many luxury features” i actually mean having basic features like power steering, AC, central locking, ABS and others, but, on top of those, Renault added real leather upholstery and a panoramic glass roof that half of it can open. A truly remarkable look. Besides that, people equipped turbos on those and boosted them to around 100-something HP. Even if it became heavier, due to all the added basic necessities and crash resistence structures, it can still be a fun car if you give it a turbo, because it still weighs a lot less than a ton.

This one is on the list only because of cute it is. Just look at it. It even has My idea for this is to completely covert the 4WD model to the Turbo one, by adding the turbo setup and bodykit to the 4WD’s FIRE engine, maybe 0.5mm oversized pistons too. 1.0L FIRE can actually take 125HP with no problem.

The last one is quite rare, but as soon as you find one, you’re sure what needs to be done. Of course, i’m talking about a Type R swap. It would be wasting potential if the 1.6L SOHC would be left inside. The Type R bodykit will look great, especially in combination with the 4WD badges.

I have an obsession with AWD cars.

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