I've been thinking about an interesting Golf 2 GTD project. Do y'all find it cool?

Everybody just removes all anti-emissions equipment when tuning their diesels, right?
Personally i don’t find those black clouds all that cool.
I thought of taking a Golf 2 GTD (1.6 TD 80HP) and tune it to 160HP. But doing so, i’d want to install a dry high flow DPF, an EGR retrofitting kit and a high flow catalyser.
I’m choosing high flow stuff because nothing can be worse than stock.
Then do an MOT and blow everybody’s minds with almost EURO 6 emissions on a 1.6 tuned TD from 30 years ago.
The 1.6 TD is quite interesting. Even has a 6000 RPM limit.

I just wanna know how much power would an EGR and high flow dry DPF eat. Modern catalyser just don’t drain any power even if retrofitted on older cars that don’t have one at all, according to dyno tests on youtube.

I mean, y’all already know i’m not getting a Golf 2 GTD. But i’m just curious to hear your opinions on this.
I call dibs on the idea if it hasn’t been done before. 😂