Dan L profile picture Dan L 4 years ago

Help please

Hi guys. Does anyone run/own their own detailing business? It’s something I’d like to do. I’m really into cars, at the minute I’ve got an apprenticeship with Skoda as a technician. I really enjoy cleaning my car as well but I’m not sure I want to be a technician forever. I have a few questions.
1.)What kind of equipment will I need to set up?
2.) roughy how much money might I need to set up?
3.) is it something I can do at weekends and evenings or will I have to do it 24/7 to make profit?
4.) is it a profitable business?
5.) what kind of insurance will I need in the UK?
6.) is a van necessary doing mobile valeting?
7.) would I be able to offer additional services such as basic maintance- (health checks, lube services e.c.t) or would this mean I need additional insurance?