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An Alpine A110 Advert Has Been Banned In The UK Because Ours Is A Tragic Nanny State

Evidently you can't depict someone having fun in a car on a great road any more, because it's dangerous. That's right; dangerous to even depict it in marketing media, according to the Advertising Standards Authority...

Remind me later

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), otherwise known as Buzzkill Ltd, has decided that a video tweeted by Alpine’s British twitter account needs to be banned – for daring to show a driver enjoying a car on a winding road.

The deleted tweet contained what we believe was this video, above, featuring the lightweight, nimble A110 being spanked along the col de Turini, which was closed at the time to allow the filming to take place safely. It even says that at the start of the video.

Some miserable git, who no doubt hates the idea of anyone having fun in any way that they personally disapprove of, saw the video and complained to the ASA that it ‘glamorised and promoted dangerous driving.’ One instance of cheeky oversteer was cited. STEP BACK, PEOPLE, THIS FOOTAGE IS DANGEROUS.

Alpine - An Alpine A110 Advert Has Been Banned In The UK Because Ours Is A Tragic Nanny State - News

How pathetic. How unutterably, ridiculously pathetic. The person who complained should take a long, hard look at themselves and in future stay out of matters that don’t concern them in the slightest. Renault itself said the video demonstrated the car’s agility and handling rather than speed, but God forbid we should be allowed to enjoy a winding road.

Buzzkill Ltd wrote that it:

“considered that speed and acceleration were the main messages of the ad, that parts of the ad implied excessive speed, and that the ad encouraged and condoned irresponsible and potentially dangerous driving.”

Gasp! What a to-do! Lady Wimplethorpe has fainted at the mere suggestion of such a thing! Fetch His Lordship at once: order must be restored! Or, if you can drag yourself away from this woeful, lamentable snowflake attitude, just watch the video at the top and send your own regards to the whinging tool who complained.

Source: Motoring Research