This Single-Seater Mazda MX-5 NA Speedster Could Be Peak Miata

Gorgona Cars has created a Mazda MX-5 single-seater speedster restomod with an MX-5 ND engine and powertrain

As we’re sure you’ll be well aware, the Mazda MX-5 was originally conceived as the Japanese firm’s take on a British two-seater sports car with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks– it was built to be fun-to-drive, offer top-down thrills, but also be reliable and dependable to live with day-to-day. Now, though, Italian company Gorgona Cars will take your original MX-5 NA and turn it into a classic single-seater speedster reminiscent of a racer from the 1950s, with the modern powerplant from the fourth-gen MX-5.

The car is dubbed the NM for ‘Naked-Monoposto’ and is fitted with the 2.0-litre SkyActiv-G engine from the modern-day MX-5 ND, which is capable of 181bhp and 151lb ft of torque and uses a six-speed manual transmission. Gorgona Cars hasn’t revealed any performance specs, but with a dry weight of just 830kg, it’ll be faster than your average MX-5.

Clearly, though, the coolest part of the MX-5 NM is its single-seater ‘barchetta’ style body. The MX-5 NM lacks a windscreen and is complete with a ‘nacelle’ aerodynamic hump behind the driver’s head and with half-size doors which cocoon the driver when closed just like in the speedsters of old. Imagine a Jaguar D-Type with pop up headlights?

Gorgona Cars’ MX-5 NM has also been reinforced with sills that come up much higher than in the stock NA, stronger front and rear subframes and roll bars for extra torsional rigidity than the standard car. It’s also fitted with adjustable coilovers and sits on 15-inch Enkei RPF1 wheels wrapped in Yokohama A052 tyres.

It’s not the first time an MX-5 speedster has been made, though – Mazda itself created the two-seater 1995 NA Miata M Speedster concept and single-seater 2000 NB Miata Mono-Posto concept.

Unlike these concepts, though, Gorgona Cars will build the MX-5 NM for you if you have upwards of €70,000 (£61,000) to spare, plus taxes and an NA Mazda MX-5 to supply them with. The company says it will build the low-volume sports car if enough demand is there for it. That might be a lot to pay for an MX-5, but we’ll admit it looks like a lot of fun…