The Tesla Model 3 Has Just One Display, And It's Not In Front Of The Driver

Being able to quickly glance at your road and engine speeds, fuel level or engine temperatures is taken for granted, but Tesla seems to want to make it a whole lot more difficult

Fans of common sense should look away now. The Tesla Model 3 is going to have no displays other than a giant tablet device attached to the middle of the dashboard.

That means no speedometer, rev counter, fuel gauge, temperature gauges or even a damn clock in front of the driver. Elon Musk has confirmed that all the Model 3’s readouts will be confined to the central screen, which could easily be compromised by glare in daylight.

Anyone who’s driven an old Citroen C4, or another car that relocates the crucial info away from the driver, will know what a colossal ballache this can be. It takes longer to read the necessary data, turns your eyes away from the road and just feels… wrong.

Tesla is making the move to boost the futuristic, minimalist interior feel of the new Model 3, focusing on providing a layout that works for Autopilot mode, but in the process it sacrifices the everyday practicality of having multiple dials and screens. It could even be down to cost-cutting as Tesla scrambles to make a profit.

Tweets from Elon Musk also confirm that the Model 3 won’t be getting a head-up display of any kind, either. It means drivers really will have to deal with just the one screen, which, when the sun is in the wrong place, will be completely illegible. Is it just us, or is this an astonishingly bad idea if you’re driving the car yourself?