Its been some time since i updated my post, theres been some nice, slow and steady work on the car.

the last picture was this:

The dollar keeps going up and the car keeps asking for parts… so it gets very expensive really fast.

anyway, since the build would make the car run stronger than ever, a clutch was bought for the car, its an Excedy pro-kit, this car is meant to reach around 300whp so this clutch should be enough and shouldng make the pedal feel weird or uncomfortable, its suposed to replace the OEM one with a little more grip:

One of the rollers was covered with a bronce layer to make it fit better and tigher, old vs new. it has not performance benefit but it helps the overall life of the parts.

Update... - Toyota MR2 Forum

As most MR2 owners know, hoses are a pain in the ass, so after getting the whole engine ready, a bunch of hoses were bough in order to make sure there would be no leaks and pains.. so this Mishimoto hoses came in, with a bunch of blue vacuum hoses and the biggest fear of every 91 3sgte.. the hoses from hell on earth. Hopefully this, and the new radiator with fans will keep it cool and leak free.

The best bit came in, after all the parts that have been put in the engine it was time to buy a Turbocharger. its been a long build and it only made sense to upgrade from a ct26 (which was non-existing in this particular car) to a better, meaner turbo.. having in mind that i am making a minimum wage (around 220 usd per month) i seeked the market for a cheap, realible upgrade. theres plenty of options out there for the mr2 but this one was particularly good. as most people know, ebay has plenty of cheap turbos.. but this one is made by “Mambatek”, its pretty new and according to what i read, the owners of Kinugawa had some internal issues and one of the guys started his own company, as some of you may know kinugawa is very big in the JDM market.. and this company promises a lot. Theres some guys who have tested this turbos and had great results but i found no information about it on the mr2 forums so i figured id let you guys know how it performs. its basically an upgraded ct20b turbo, its meant to be a bolt on and improve peak boost and reliability.

it feels great, doesnt look cheap at all. it came with quality gaskets, braided oil and water lines, and its test sheet. overall it looks very promising and exceded my expectations. il keep updating the comunity on how its performing once its running.

The catalitic converted and downpipe looked like crap, they were very rusty and looked way to awful to put on a brand new looking engine, so it was upgraded with a TCS downpipe, it includes an oem 02 bong, and two extra bongs which will be used in the future. i must say i love the way it looks, and i think im the first TCS costumer in colombia. it was ordered during the mathew huracane so it took a little over a month to arrive.

This is as far as the engine goes right now

Update... - Toyota MR2 Forum

The Painting Begins...

the car looked fine from a distance.. or while moving. but it needed some serious paint work. Theres a very good shop down in colombia that works restorations, the owner is a great guy and loves this kind of cars so he agreed to work on the car and make it look great again. it had been sitting in a warehouse for quite some time and it didnt look any good.

Update... - Toyota MR2 Forum

The progress started here, where the car was stripped won to its shiny metal. it had been hit a couple times and it showed.. luckily for me the shop i took it to has a lot of experience and repaired al the bad work that it had been done to the car.

it was hit by a door, on the back and in the front. its current bumper had been rebuild and looked kind of funny, so it was changed for a newer version (the white one) and some foglights will be installed. the car used to be red and it was painted grey over its original paint, so a lot of stripping was done to the car.

Theres a lot more to be done, but overall the project is coming out really well.