#TechTip: What Are Multi Piece Wheels?

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Everyone’s heard of “2 piece wheels” or “3 piece wheels”, but if you’re the average person, you’ve never even touched a set. A huge majority of wheels you see/can buy are a single piece setup, so what are these mystical multi piece wheels, and what are the advantages?

What are they?

Multi piece wheels are, as the name would imply, are made of multiple pieces. For 2 piece wheels, the center section connects to an outer barrel of the wheel. A 3 piece wheel uses the same basic idea, but there is an inner and outer section to the barrel which is sealed to be air tight.

#TechTip:  What Are Multi Piece Wheels? - General Mechanical Advice

What are the advantages?

Standard wheels that come in a single piece generally come in specific offsets and sizes which someone would pick and choose from. Multi piece wheels tend to be more customizable in terms of offsets and widths, and this creates greater fitment possibilities. Also, because the wheels are composed of multiple parts, it is possible to replace individual components of the wheel, rather than having to repair the wheel or replace the entire thing. Wheel strength will also be higher than a cast wheel.

From an aesthetics standpoint, it is much easier to paint or coat the separate components of the wheel, which opens up the possibility for unique designs.

#TechTip:  What Are Multi Piece Wheels? - General Mechanical Advice

What are the disadvantages?

The advantages of multi piece wheels come with a price tag. You’ll be hard pressed to find a set that doesn’t cost 2 to3 times the price of a standard set of 1 piece wheels. For this reason, many choose to stick with single piece wheels.

What wheel type do you prefer?