Michelin Pilot Sport 4 review

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 review - Readers' Reviews

Last week, I decided to change from the original Continental SportContact 3 (really worn out at the edges!) to these Michelin Pilot Sport 4.

1. Handling

A bit grippier on the dry, and much grippier on the wet. Which is good. And they’re more progressive at the limits than the Contis 3 which could be a bit sketchy when cornering hard. The Pilot Sport 4 should be great on RWD cars.
Oh by the way, I also changed from 205/45 to 225/40, which could partly explain the gain in grip.

2. Feel

Errr, to start with, my car’s electric steering is not very talkative. But at least, it now feels more natural. It doesn’t return to the center as violently as before, which was a bit artificial, like a force feedback video game wheel.

3. Fuel consumption

They’re a little bit better than the Contis on the motorway, but considering that they’re wider, it’s a good improvement.

4. Noise

That’s not the priority of a sport oriented tyre, but again, they perform better than my previous Contis.

5. Conclusion

Michelin tyres are often a bit more expensive than their competitors, but this new Pilot Sport 4 performs very well on all factors. I think it’ll figure at the top of most magazine comparisons.