Audi A4/S4/RS4 common problems

Damp passenger footwell

The plenum chamber, which is also responsible for feeding air to the air con system, can get blocked with leaves and debris. Water should run down the windscreen and run straight through this chamber, but if it’s blocked, it causes the water to build up and leak into the passenger footwell. Clear out the plenum chamber to cure this problem.

Glove Box Issue

The glove box lid is known for premature wear, it will rattle and not close correctly. You will need a new glovebox lid to resolve this.

Rear Wiper not working

If the rear wiper has stopped working, it will because of a failed motor. You will need to fit a new motor to rectify this issue.

Belt Buckle Failure

Belt buckles are known to fail and stop locking. Replacement belt buckles are whats needed to fix this.

Auto Gear Change issue

If you find the car is very hesitant or clunky when changing gears on the auto, cvt or multitronic gearboxes, it will probably be because of a software update. Ring your local Audi dealer and give them your registration so they can see if your car requires an update.

RS4 DRC problems

Many RS4’s had problems with the car’s Dynamic Ride Control system (DRC). Telltale signs of the system failing is a knocking noise as well as oily residue around the shock. Early signs are difficult to see unless you are under the car a lot, which means many owners don’t know the oil is leaking until the oil level is too low, which is when the knocking noise starts. Once it starts knocking, it will have damaged the centre valves. These are what make it such an expensive repair as the centre valve is an exceedingly expensive part.