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What Type of Tires Should I Buy?

What Type of Tires Should I Buy? - Off-roading

When I was younger and less knowledgeable about cars, I was oblivious that there was different type of tires that were sold in the market. I have always thought that as long as it was in a good condition, the kind of tires that you own would not matter.

As I become more exposed to the world of automobiles and its components, I have been more enlightened about the importance of owning a set of tires that would specifically fit an owner’s needs.
According to my research, there are four common types of tires that are sold in the market today. They are off-road tires or mud tires, highway tires or all season tires, winter tires or snow tires and all terrain tires.

For city dwellers who mostly limit their travelling to cement/asphalt paved roads, highway tires would best fit their lifestyle. These types of tires feature a ribbed, all-season thread pattern that is designed for smooth and quiet ride, all year round.

Mud tires are best for adventure seeking car owners. These tires feature a deep gap, large tread block, and excellent traction for different off-road conditions such as muddy, sandy and rocky terrains.
While winter tires are best used for cold and harsh road conditions with ice, snow and even freezing water. These seasonal tires have a deep tread depth that is designed for superior grip on wet and icy roads. They are available in studded and non studded options.

All terrain tires are ideal for different road conditions. It features large tread blocks and aggressive tread pattern which offer excellent traction on snow, dirt and paved roads. These tires are generally long lasting and offer a smooth and quiet ride.

It is very important for car owners to purchase tires that would meet their personal needs. Make sure to do your research on a specific brand and model of tires before buying. It would also help to talk to a sales agent to help you make a decision. Owning a good set of tires is one of the best investments you will make as a vehicle owner.