Buying my first car.

Hello everybody !! After few months i will buy my first car !! I am 18 years old and i have already taken my driving license. My father has a BMW e39 year 2000 with automatic transmission and i’ve been driving it for 5 months. After spending time with this car i really fell in love in the e39 series and I plan to buy an e39 but more powerful - 530d maybe year 2001,2002 and of course manual transmission. However some friends of mine recommended me buying e46 330d. They said that it is more powerful than the 530 e39 and now i am wondering what to buy - 530d or 330d. I would be really happy if you,guys, give me some recommedations. I really love the e39 and i would probably search for an 530 but is it better for a first car ?