E34 M5 Inspection Plan....#blogpost

E34 M5 Inspection Plan....#blogpost - BMW Owners

and that moment you remember why it took longer than expected. But first the schedule you need to do for a full Inspection 2 every 60.000km or in my case I do every 2.5 years, since the car just drives around 6000km/year
check battery (battery does not make problems, so I do not worry about that)
check and oil locks
change interior and heating filters (I skip that….)
check Body for Rust (No winter and salt = no rust)

II. Engine Bay
change spark Plugs (did that 2000km ago)
check valve play (did that 7000km ago maybe will do that again, but not neccessary)
change Air Filter (also just 2000km ago)
check cooling system, replace cooling fluid (need to do)
control servo steering and level control system (also did a suspension renew 1500km ago)
check break fluid and change it every year (need to do)
check washing water (of course)
change all V-Belts (Photo) and because it is an M5 this is not a 15 minute Job, it is a 30 min Job with scratched knuckels and a lot of swearing and cursing it

V-Belt change?

no f*ckin Space from above. from down it is possible, but still not an easy job.
no f*ckin Space from above. from down it is possible, but still not an easy job.

So from engine Bay to powertrain and Suspension
III: Suspension and Powertrain
change Oil and Filter (5,75l) of course every year so that will be done
check lambda sond……well I have a check computer, this says when something is wrong
check transmission for leaks (always a must if you are under your car, right?)
same goes for fuel system and exhaust
check Steering play and condition of ball rod end, Front Suspension Arms, steering gear and rubber bushings (as I said Suspension renewed 1500km ago, so no surprises there I think
check breaks, pads and discs (of course)
Check braking lines
check handbreak and play
check Tire pressure
change transmission oil (1.25l)
change differential oil (1.9l)
check clutch
change fuel filter

So yeahh a buckload of work before the season starts. A day of hard work and after that a clear conscience, that the car will not break down while hooning (warmed up engine of course) this year. It is kind of a ritual for me to do most of the stuff above every year, some stuff, like changing fuel filter, transmission and differential oil needs not to be done every year. But you should do this after you purchased a new used car and want to keep it. Total Material cost from above things is around 100€. And around 2 hours of work, while talking to mates and not rushing anything. So if you got yourself a classic Dreamcar, keep it clean and take care of it. 100€ a year and your car will stay alive longer. Of course if something breaks due to usage like suspension or so, that will raise maintenance a lot. But still this way you have fun. So stay save and have a nice day.