New Standard Of Car Wireless Charging Systems To Be Adopted Soon #blogpost

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If you have an electric vehicle, you may already be aware of how frustrating it can be to plug the charger and unplug it physically from the charging port. Of course, even if you are eco-friendly and you want to do your bit, having these rigid methods makes it hard for you to help save the environment.

This is why people are more than happy to have wireless charging facility as it helps them avoid too many hassles. SAE international has been working on its project wherein it will make wireless charging a lot more popular, common and easier because it aims at creating a uniform standard for all kinds of charging systems.

The specifications and details

New Standard Of  Car Wireless Charging Systems To Be Adopted Soon #blogpost - Blog

During Mid-May, it was during the Conference on Electric Roads and Vehicles (CERV) which was held in Logan, Utah that SAE TIR J2954 thought about this whole framework which mainly focuses on the convenience enjoyed by the customers along with their safety as well.

The demand has been to have a common frequency band which will actually be in and around 85 kHz. Along with this, SAE has also proposed four separate classes for wireless power transfer. These varied levels will help in both slower and even faster charging times. The classes should be

• 3.7 kW
• 7.7 kW
• 11.0 kW
• 22.0 kW

The organization further added that in the times to come, there may be more power transfer level which can be added and they are likely to be quicker as well. The main aim of SAE is to help the automobile industry in adhering to one single unanimous standard as this will benefit users at large.

They want all the different automobiles to have a wireless charging system set along with specified frequency band. This will help the customers charge their vehicles at any location wirelessly without having to wonder if their vehicle model would be compatible with the wireless charging system and configuration offered at the place.

Even if you have a car lease, you do not need to worry about electric charging as the uniform standard will help you charge your car whenever you want. The standards followed by SAE were mainly written to ensure that there would be a standard norm which would be followed by one and all.

As nothing has been finalized yet, SAE told that it is open to creating the right standards for charging systems which can work well even when the vehicle is in motion. With these changes coming into effect, those who have a fascination for electric cars will be able to enjoy the benefits of the new unanimous design.

There are a lot of people who found it really hard to charge their electric cars as the charging systems when found were not compatible. This is why having a uniform standard seems like an excellent idea and most people are really excited about how it would make it a lot easier for them to charge on the go wherever they want. This will surely bring a relief from too many hassles.