Lotus Licence: Day 3

Lotus - Lotus Licence: Day 3 - Trackday and Circuit Drivers

The final day of Lotus Licence programme!
This day is all about perfecting various driving techniques, such as trail braking and heel-and-toe (and even some drifting on the ‘skid pan’!) in the first half of the day and then driving around the full Hethel circuit and applying these skills to go quicker. The car I was driving was mainly the Lotus Elise Cup 220 R (which is an awesome track toy) but I also got to do a few laps in an Exige 350 and Evora 400. Both of these cars are insanely quick but they also sound absolutely amazing! Didn’t expect that from a Lotus at all! By the end of the day I was extremely exhausted, happy and holding a ‘certificate of achievement’ from the driving academy. Unforgettable 3 days!
I really do recommend anyone to do this 3 day course: or at least do a one-day programme and then you can always come back to do the other 2 days. You won’t regret!