Land Rover Common Problems

Erratic running/EML

This is caused by ingress of oil into the Fuel Injector Wiring loom and it can go as far as the ECU. This is fixed by replacing the wiring loom as well as cleaning the connectors.

Air Suspension Failure

Rear air springs tend to wear out and leak air, this will put pressure on the compressor which will eventually fail. If this is spotted before the compressor fails you will only need the springs, but if both go, you will need to replace both.

Fuel Pump Failure

Poor running and a noisy pump are usual symptoms. This will need to be checked by diagnosing the fuel pressure. If the pump has failed you will need a new pump.

Fuel Pressure Regulator

This failing will cause fuel to leak, you will notice this underneath the car, it may look like engine oil due to the dirt it picks up on the way down. The failure is caused by poor design of the way the regulator fits to the cylinder head and the unit will need replacing with a new metal gasket.

Head Gasket Failure

Land Rover used plastic dowels to locate the head onto the block with early Discovery models, these dowels can break and cause the head to move around, therein leading to head gasket failure. The cylinder head will need to be removed and pressure tested, with new metals dowels and bolts fitted upon refit.