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Today was a fun day! #storytime

Story in bad English! Enjoy! (Or don’t)
So, today i met a guy who is into cars, and i thought “Great, we will have something to talk about”.
And we did… Oh God we did…
We were talking about what we drive and he was (direct quote) “I have the best car in the world, My E39 530 306S3”
I thought - Ok, if we are talking numbers, i can do that So i said - “That’s nice, i have V70 P2 D5252T”
And he was confused. He asked me what was that. I said that it was the same thing he said about his car, only about my car. He was angry. He told me that it’s not his job to know numbers of other cars. And i agreed with him, but just in case i asked him why he told me engine code of his car.
Answer was just great - “Because it is a BMW, and everyone knows BMW engine codes”
At this point i was just making him mad and enjoying the show.
He told me that he is a real petrolhead, because he drives BMW. You have to drive BMW to be a petrolhead.
I said thanks, but i’m ok in my Volvo. I like my Volvo and i don’t want to change it.
He told me that than i’m not into cars. And turns out i’m not a real men, because i don’t have BMW.
Later i found out that if you don’t have a car, you are not a man. I asked him how many cars dose he have.
Turns out he only have his BMW. Ok, than i asked him dose it makes me 4 times a men as he is, because i have 4 cars. Turn’s out - No. I’m still not a men and not a Petrolhead. I asked about Motorcycles. I asked if Motorcycle makes me 0.5 men, or still makes me a real men, or am i still a chick? Turn’s out i am still a chick, because i don’t have BMW Motorcycle.
Than we moved to licenses. We both are 23 year old, so in Latvia you can have any category license by now. I have regular car (B) and (BE) car with a trailer.
Turns out he dose not have one. Why? Because he tried to pass the test, failed and decided not to try again.
So he has a car. He claims to be a “real petrolhead” and a “real men” and he dose not have a license…..
So yeah, we were stuck in the car together for 2 hours. I found out a lot of new things about what makes you car guy, a real men etc. I’m non of them as it turns out.
So yeah, it was a fun day.