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A Tesla Model S And Ferrari California Are No Match For This Bonkers 900bhp Electric Van

The Atieva Edna is a Mercedes V-Class van with a newly developed electric powertrain installed, and as you can see, it's pretty quick

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While the in the video Tesla wasn’t a full-on P90D (we’re not sure what version it is, actually), it’s pretty cool to see a van beat it and a Ferrari California. The point of all this, you ask? It’s all about being a quirky showcase for a new electric powertrain from a company called Atieva, set up by former Tesla board member Peter Rawlinson.

The powertrain in question consists of two motors and two gearboxes giving all-wheel drive, powered by an 87kWh battery. In total, it kicks out around 900bhp. And it has a history beyond powering vans for amusing YouTube videos: the company wants to have a full EV saloon on the market by 2018, followed by two SUVs arriving in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Video via Autoblog