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Let's talk about a car. This is the Nissan March NISMO S ( K13 chassis )

Let's talk about a car. This is the Nissan March NISMO S ( K13 chassis ) - Japanese

So, why do I want to talk about this warm hatchback? It’s not fast. It has barely any reputation in the petrolhead world, and it’s only available in Japan. Well it’s because, I’ve been driving the standard 1.2l version of it, and I quite love it. The one that I’m driving has 80hp from it’s N/A 1.2l. This one has 1.5 liter N/A. By the way my dad also own a 1.5 liter N/A nissan, the engine code is the same with the NISMO S March, but it’s tuned to boost more horses. They say the camshaft is tuned, the compression ratio is made higher, the ECU is tuned, and the exhaust is also tuned. As a result, The nismo S has 156 Nm of torque and 116 hp. Other than the engine, what’s different? Well first is the suspension, it’s stiffen for less body roll. The steering gear tuned for better response. The tyres are wider, and there are some nismo touches, including bodykits and sport seats. So how it drives? Well I haven’t and probably will never drive the NISMO S, but judging my the one I drive, it should handle very well. The standard version has a responsive throttle pedal over the 3000 rpm, it’s quite quick for a city car despite the fact it has 36 less hp than the NISMO S. The steering is quite responsive and it’s quite a fun car to push it in the city. I enjoy the March a lot, in parking lots or on the road when it’s empty. It’s not a car that you need to push hard to feel it. By the way I can actually order a NISMO S, I know a man who has a high position in the Nissan of my Country, he said that it’s possible to bring a NISMO S, but it takes quite a lot of money, about 5000$ more than a Honda Jazz. It’s not really worth buying for here. And that is also the reason why the NISMO S March isn’t sold here. Even the well known Suzuki Swift Sport didn’t do well here.

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