About upshift......

About upshift...... - Ask Car Throttle

Hi everyone, uhm, This here is Jawad, former upshift leader, so without introductions and stuff i say: There is no more Upshift.
Reasons are: the fact that we were not qualified for such big project . and the storm that happened quite recently, as one can tell from posts by fellow CTzens Srijan Gupta And Mickey Mouse, things have gone rock bottom, mariana trench depth i might say, and the only way i saw to settle things down was by deleting uphshift,which meant that no one will be able to gain access to the accounts again let alone post something, you can still see the account remains on CT and DT and wherever you follow us , it has been a shourt journey for all of us who stuck around to know what upshift is, but i did learn a thing or two from this journey. and quite frankly, from my side at least, i can confirm that this isn’t like the old time when we deleted the server and pretended to disappear only to come back a few weeks later, whether the other members try to resurrect upshift, i won’t intervene with them, nor help them or be related to the project . if you want to know if i have an idea for a similar project like upshift, i will confirm that if the idea comes to my mind first, it will be months afar, maybe tenths of years.
That is all i have got to say

Have a great time. wish you all the best