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My first drift car!

My first drift car! - Drift

So I once had a BMW E46 320I as a daily and I quite liked it. Unfortunately it had too many issues to pass the annual test.
I found a pretty good looking E36, unfortunately the 318IS, a four cilinder.
After owning it for a few weeks we thought it would be nice to weld the differential. After all, it provides better traction in the rain ;)
After that I decided it would be fun to remove all unnecessary interior. So gone were the complete trunk liner, roof liner, all pillar plastics, back seat and even the whole carpet.

When this car ran out of test I decided to retire it as my drift car. After all, I only paid a few 100 euros and buying something Japanese for drifting is requiring a few 1000s. Even Miata’s are becoming expensive. Let alone a rusty old beaten Skyline or SX.
We slapped on a nice paint from your local handy store and I put on the massive spoiler I had once bought for my R34 GT-R. It’s probably the most expensive part about the whole car currently.

I’m for now keeping things as budget as possible. Buying used parts or new parts from Aliexpress/eBay. Currently I bought a chip that supposedly gives more revs and more horsepower. I do not yet need the extra revs, but it might come in handy with trying to kill this engine so we have an actual reason to put in a 6 cilinder.
The car currently has +- 380.000 kilometers and still drifts like a charm.

I’ve made a YouTube video as well of my first drift day. I’ve linked it below.