Affairs-A story written by Anthony Chapter 2-Business

Affairs-A story written by Anthony
    Chapter 2-Business - General

Part 1

As Zippo was on his way, his dad was talking with fatty about the car Zippo was driving. “I got it from an older man, who had to sell it because of his kids and because he had much work to do. Also his wife didn’t like the car. He really had a hard time selling it to me. It’s a 1976 Alpine A310 V6. A really gorgeous car. I had to let go from same reasons, but I didn’t sell it. It seems Zippo found it and brought it back to life”, Zippo’s father was talking to Fatty. Meanwhile, at a stoplight, Zippo saw a menacing car near him. It was a heavily modified 2013 C Class Coupe. It had awesome Brabus rims, wide arches, AMG bumpers, racing seats etc. Zippo was drolling over the car. The person who was driving the Merc rolled down his window to look at the car. “Nice A310. My grandfather had one. Sold it to some dude”, said the figure in the Mercedes. “Thanks”, Zippo responded knewing this is the grandson of the guy that sold this very car to his father. “What engine does it have?”, asked Zippo curiously mesmirsed by the cars mean look and stance. “You won’t believe, but it’s actually an OM606. Pushing 600 hp however. Revs to 7k. Amazing thing. Built it myself with a couple of friends. It was worth it”, said the person as the green light showed and all you could hear was a mighty roar lead by black smoke. “Small world”, he said, as he remembered what lead him to the town. The anger and hate to the person that destroyed his precious Golf. Filled with anger, he parked near the port and waited for a black 7 series to come. He knew exactly which one because he remembered the plates. As Zippo was standing near the car, the bait finally came. A tall man walked out. 190 cm, buff and wide. Zippo was shocked. As the man approached Zippo, you could hear a gunshot. Suddenly, the man stopped as he fell to the ground. Behind him, there was a black Mercedes coupe parked. “Come, I’ll show you something”.

Part 2

Zippo sat in his car and followed the man in the Mercedes. They entered a large garage. “So it seems you’ve had some affairs with them didn’t you”, said the man throwing his cigarette of which remained only the filter. “Yeah it seems”, Zippo started shaking. “I heard you were a great racer. So I’ll have a gift for you. Come in here”, said the man as he approached a room where a covered car was parked. “Should I unveil it?”, said the man looking at nervous and excited Zippo. “Yes sir”. The car was revealed. It was a 2006 Cayman S with Rotiform wheels and a small bodykit. The man threw the keys at him and said: “Hop in, it’s yours now”. Happy but confused, Zippo responded: “What is the point of this? Why are you giving me this? How the hell do you own this?”. “Chill, kid”, said the man as he lit up another cigarette. “It seems that you have the best hands and feet. I have money. I could use you for some stuff. But don’t even think about competing with me”, says the man as he looks through the window. “There is a reason why I have so much cred on the street. Now go”.