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Record-Breaking Number Plates! Let’s Know Them

Record-Breaking Number Plates! Let’s Know Them - Blog

After the exposure of the couple of number plates on Plate Trader that have ventured to break the records, private number plate enthusiasts have become agog.

In the UK, personalized number plates are everyday sight. Many times, the plates cost much more than the cars on which they are attached. In the late phase of this decade, two private number plates that are listed for sale on Plate Trader have attempted to break all the previous records for charging the largest amount of money.

One of the two plates is ‘5 UV’. It is on the highest demand among the plate enthusiasts. ‘5 UV’ is the eye candy of the SUV owners and at the moment it is for sale on the particular site for an amazing £995,000.

Record-Breaking Number Plates! Let’s Know Them - Blog

The price is approximately 5 times the average house in the UK that stands at approximately £216,674. Also, if we compare it with the average UK salary of £26,500, it stands around 38 times. Mike Oyston, a person from Greater Manchester who is a father of two has disbursed the tax-free lump sum of amount from his pension pot for securing the private number plate at a contemporary auction of the DVLA. This person has been collecting various registration plates since the year 1999. He owns more than 200 plates to date. Mike, the seller has advertised the plates for sale on the site of Plate Trader and have successfully sold other number plates including ET11 HAD taking help of this particular site. As per his thinking, he has achieved a real bargain with this one as the number plate hadn’t been reportedly publicized up the front of the sale.

The registration number plate that has set its exposure to become one of the costliest in the entire world is one other than ‘LO17 DAN’. Both the owner and readers explained that the number plate can be read as ‘LONDON’. It is predicted that the number plate is going to beat the UK record if it reaches close to the asking price which is £2.5million.

Record-Breaking Number Plates! Let’s Know Them - Blog

The seller of the personalized number plate affirmed that it is one of the highest desirable vehicle registrations in the UK. In fact, he claimed that if a person buys it, he/she is not just purchasing a vehicle registration, but also making a strong mark in the history. As per the seller, he had been offered £500,000, but the plate is worth much more.

If these private registration plates reach the asking prices, both have the capability to smash the earlier record for the highest amount being paid for a vehicle number plate.

In the year 2014, a Ferrari dealer made the name of becoming the proud owner of the most expensive private number plate in the history of the UK. He spent a lump sum of £518,000 for a number plate displaying ‘25 O’ for ornamenting a vintage Ferrari 250SWB which was once owned by Eric Clapton and it was then worth approximately £10 million. Guernsey has set a new record through the sale.

Another record-smashing number plate:

Who doesn’t know the name of James Bond? When it comes to James Bond, immediately our mind reminds us of a number ‘007’. The worldwide famous icon is undoubtedly the most wanted among the number plate collectors. The silver-grey colored Aston Martin DB5 is considered as one of the most famous cars driven by actor Sean Connery who played the role of James Bond in the movie named Goldfinger. That car was sold for £1.9 million at an auction in 2006.

In the Guernsey auction, a bidder told that he was thinking of put his Aston Martin on rent for a day, attached with the ‘007’ number plate, so that he could make the cost back over the time. Nevertheless, he then decided to draw out at £200,000, being concerned that there could be issues of copyright from the house of Eon Productions, the eminent producers of the James Bond movie franchise.

Record-Breaking Number Plates! Let’s Know Them - Blog

The price of the private number plates is rising. DVLA designs the current format of the number plate which is to last until 2050. The shortest and the best combinations have been bought long ago. Now, it is the market of sellers and the number plates will only be sold if the prices are met. The customers can only purchase number plates approved by the DVLA. It has generated an ever-increasing demand for the limited selection of premium numbers. Therefore, the price hike has become obvious over the following three decades.