Knocking sound from 2200-3500 rpm

Hey guys, I’ve been hearing a weird rattle/knocking coming from my engine bay when cruising around 2200-3500 rpm and lightly being on throttle. If I accelerate or decelerate the noise goes away. The car drives normally so what could it be?

Also, I’ve noticed to be using a bit of oil (1/4-1/2 a quart every 1-2 weeks), it isnt being burned or leaking so is this normal?

The car is a 2010 mazdaspeed 3 with a K&N intake, magnaflow catback and custom testpipe. I just had the entire head replaced (head, head gasket, timing chain, injector seals, accessory belt etc) about a month ago and only put about 700km on it since. Could the oil consumption be from the new head breaking in?

Thanks in advance for the help!