Why Can You No Longer Download The CT App + How Many CTzens Are Actually Left? #saveCT

Why Can You No Longer Download The CT App + How Many CTzens Are Actually Left? #saveCT - Blog

So, I noticed a rather alarming thing recently: You can no longer download the Car Throttle Android App from the Play Store. I obviously already have it on all of my devices, but as @Roadmaster ‘93, who I’m regularly in contact with, switched to a new phone, he noticed that he couldn’t find it anymore and immediately told me about it.

Why do I find this so alarming? Well, we all know that Car Throttle is going downhill at the moment, with hundreds of CTzens leaving (more on that later) and staff doing nothing to fix the issues. I obviously don’t think that not being able to download the app anymore is the only reason for that, but who knows for how many users this might have played a role.

The unavailability of the app could of course be regional issue (so please check if you can download it from your country!), and I don’t know whether or not you can still get the iOS version, but at least in Germany and on Android it’s just gone. In fact, the first thing to show up when you search for “Car Throttle” is the Drivetribe app, which has to be one of the most ironic things I’ve seen in a while. Searching for the app creator CircleSix doesn’t bring up any results either.

Like many apps, you can still get the Car Throttle Android App as an .apk file by looking for it on Google, which can work (like in Roadmaster ‘93s case), but you are of course at a much higher risk of catching some malware than you are in the Play Store.

I was really surprised when I saw that apparently nobody had made a post about this yet, so I decided to go ahead. I don’t know what the reason for this is, my only theory would be that it got taken down by the CT staff for some reason. It would be great if one of them could explain the situation below, but I guess they will just stick to ignoring us as usual.

Why Can You No Longer Download The CT App + How Many CTzens Are Actually Left? #saveCT - Blog

The other thing I want to talk about in this very short article is how many CTzens are actually still on here and still active. I’ve thought about several ways to find this out, and the easiest way is to just tag pretty much all CTzens you know of in the comments below, and everybody who sees this article gives it an upvote. I’m not doing this for the likes (honestly, I have plenty of them), this is just the easiest way to execute this survey.

Tag and upvote away guys, and see if you can still get the Car Throttle app on your device / in your country!
Tobi aka The Stig’s German Cousin