First. Car. LIVE! #Season 9: Almost a ten. (Share some opinions about this selection and rate it in the comments below.)

First. Car. LIVE! #Season 9: Almost a ten. (Share some opinions about this selection and rate it in the comments below.) - Ask Car Throttle

I thought i won’t have enough cars to make another one, but here i am. I’ll try to make another one, but there really aren’t many cheap cool cars out there anymore. I still want to get up to 100 cars though.

  1. Smart ForTwo Electric Drive
  2. Citroen Ami
  3. Skoda Fabia Sedan vRS Conversion
  4. Opel Vectra 4x4 Turbo
  5. Ford Escort XR3i Cabriolet RS Turbo Conversion
  6. Peugeot 106 Electric
  7. Opel Omega i-Line
  8. Geo Metro
  9. Suzuki Cultus 4WD
  10. Suzuki Swift 4WD Sport Conversion

Last episode i talked about the Brabus Smart ForTwo, but now it’s the Electric Drive’s time to shine. Since it’s so lightweight, an electric version totally makes sense for this tiny city car. And because it’s such a popular car, it obviously has a decent tuning scene. So, the electric one received an upgrade for 100HP, although the torque is still restricted up to 50km/h so it wouldn’t burnout at every stop light, but i’m sure the chiptuners could remove that restriction if asked (and maybe have an agreement signed that they aren’t responsible for any crash), to transform the ED into a tiny burnout machine.

Citroen Ami has the same story as the Twizy from a while back, but this time Valeo themselves tuned their own electric motor. They even said it’s capable for even more than 15HP and 100km/h, so that’s what the tuners need to achieve. For now, the 15HP Ami is just a “concept”, but soon enough it will be a real product.
If there is an vRS hatch, why not have a vRS sedan too? The sedan has enough choices of 1.9TDI’s that could be used as a base for the swap and it only needs a bodykit. The 1.9TDI is an extremely competent engine which can easily achieve more than 200HP. It’s very cheap and very easy to tune also.

Vectra 4x4 Turbo has the same engine as the Calibra 4x4 Turbo, so it needs no introduction. Besides being 4x4, it also has a very strong and durable engine, usually found online for sale with around 400HP.

There isn’t much to say about it. I just thought it would be kinda cool to have a convertible RS Turbo, because the only items you’d need are the bodykit and the turbo, so it’s an easy conversion.

Peugeot 106 Electric is by far one of the best electric cars, because of how moddable is from factory. This car has an active modding community which has a great dedication to documenting what is and isn’t possible to do with it. The stock controller allows for batteries up to 180V, but the maximum safe value has been found out to be 172V. That would mean the power should increase to around 38HP. The best part about it is that lithium cells take far less space, so the added range counts up to a bit over 300km. And when it’s modded it can actually do a 0-100 test.

Opel Omega is most definitely a sleeper car. Inside the engine bay you can find the BMW M57, which is one of the best engines they ever made. Every component is so absurdly oversized that it can even take 700HP on full stock internals and still be reliable. Besides being a full luxury sedan with heating in all seats and AC even for the rear passengers.

Geo Metro is a weird one because you wouldn’t think that a tiny little city car could have that much boost packing underneath the hood. Same as most other quirky cars, they have a very dedicated tuning community. Full forged internals in this can bump it up even to 300HP out of its tiny 1.0L inline-3.

Unlike the hatchback Cultus GT-i 4WD which comes with a 1.3L engine, the Cultus 4WD sedan comes with a “big block” 1.6L engine. This engine also has a large tuning scene, the most tuned ones reaching between 300-400HP.

I never understood why the Swift Sport never had the option for 4WD, so my idea is to take the 1.2L 4WD base model Swift and completely convert it, inside and outside, into a Swift Sport. Engine, bodykit, interior. That way, you could have the versatility of a 4WD and the fun of a Sport.

Somehow i can still find cool cars that are still cheap nowadays. Unfortunetely, most of my previous lists, especially the oldest ones, aren’t accurate anymore because of the massive increase of prices on the car market.

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