Kind of sorta "accidentally" bought a dream car

Kind of sorta "accidentally" bought a dream car - Italian Cars

2006 Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6.

I put my Fiat Coupe 1.8 for sale in November and I was looking for an Alfa Romeo as a next car. I was looking for a 159 but my dad got me excited about the GT, and to be honest, it was more fit for me as the Coupe’s predecessor. I was looking for a few 2.0JTs examples, test drove one as well but that one had too big issues. Then a red one came up for sale for a low price and I got interested about that. I waited a few weeks and the price dropped even more and I decided that now I will buy it, but I was a bit late, someone already reserved the car. I was pretty upset about it, but then my dad asked me would the v6 really be that expensive for me.

The same day my dad asked that, this GT’s price dropped by several grand. I found it a little suspicious but gave a call the next morning. The day after dad I jumped on a train and went to see the car. It was everything I was expecting and maybe even a little better. Full service history, rust free, the seller knew the car well and had treated it well, and it was just such a nicer car to drive. I just had to buy it for me as a little early Christmas present.

This is one of the last examples of the legendary Busso V6 engines. Later the 3.2 v6 (in 159’s and Beras) was based on a GM engine. It’s truly a pretty engine, likes to rev and sounds nice even with a stock exhaust. It makes 239hp and 290Nm of torque, a little less than the 3.2 in 159 GTA and 147 GTA. (250hp, 300Nm) And yes, the fuel consumption is awful.

Just can’t wait for summer to really get to enjoying the characteristics of this wonderful machine.