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"Cold" air intake on the NB

"Cold" air intake on the NB - Japanese

Been a while since I’ve posted on here but thought I’d get some direct info instead of trawling through YouTube comments.
Me and my brother have got our NB MX5 that’s our little project car. We have some nice EBC discs ready to be put on as our first mod but our mate chipped in for them and obviously we cant meet so that’s on hold for now. In the mean time we are looking at possibly some cheap ish mods we can do while we pass lockdown over.

One clear choice is the cold air intake kit but looking online all actual kits place the intake next to the exhaust manifold making it a hot air intake. Sh*t posters on YouTube take the mick out of people running this set up but is it really a bad thing? I hear performance increase or decrease is minimal (without a turbo), I’m not too bothered about that, but will having this “HOT” air intake poorly effect the running of the car or is it just YouTube commenters being YouTube commenters? Obviously still new to this so any help is grear