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Hi there! It’s me, Honda! Back again fashionably late to every hashtag and challenge on CT! However, this time I actually try to do something!

Anyway, MR2Maniacs recent “Wangan Car Challenge” had me 110% hooked after learning so much from reading post after post from the Wangan Car god Debodeep.

The Ca-

1997 HONDA NSX TYPE S ZERO. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

The beautiful 1997 Honda NSX Type-S Zero
The beautiful 1997 Honda NSX Type-S Zero

Along with the ‘97 changes to the NSX, the Type S had a MOMO Steering wheel, Recaro bucket seats, a titanium shift knob, BBS Aluminium wheels, and Stiffer suspension. The Type S-Zero was on a diet, stripping out 110 lbs of stuff. A lot of stuff.


  • Buddy Club Racing Spec Coilovers
  • CT Engineering Carbon Fiber Air Box
  • CT Engineering Rear Sway Bars
  • CT Engineering Stainless Steel Exhaust System
  • CT Engineering Supercharger kit
  • DC Sports Stainless Steel headers
  • Duraflex GT300 bodykit
  • Gram Lights 57DR rims
  • PRO Design Carbon Fiber Licence plate (Because weight reduction, bro!)
  • Seibon CW Carbon fiber hood
  • Seibon TB Carbon Fiber rear lip
  • Seibon TS Rear Spoiler

HP - 500 - 600?
TQ - 300 - 350?
Top Speed - 215 - 230
Expect weight to be even lower, around 2,700