1996 Volvo 940 (945) II 2.0 Soft Turbo

Volvo - 1996 Volvo 940 (945) II 2.0 Soft Turbo - Garage

Taking a break from MX-5 life because of kid. The 940 is a more suited rwd project when you actually need space.
It’s an italy import with the 2.0 with about 150 PS @0.7 bar, but has some potential powerwise.
IT looks quite Bad right now and needs a full service and TÜV (plus a lot of cleaning).
Planned mods: lowering it (as always), Boost Controller, exhaust and refreshing the interior.
The idea was a “project daily” this time, so I don’t want to lose the comfort.

Update: pictures of finished project as Sold added
Installed mods:
Lowering springs, exhaust, Upgrade turbocharger, wheels and tyres, cosmetics