All of my cars in Forza Motorsport 3 (there's a lot)

I really like the looks of this classic Japanese car. I kept it completely stock.

Very small and fun to drive. Left completely stock.

Completely stock yaris. I felt as though this car has lots of potential…

Bone stock Miata. I’m pretty sure you know why I have this.

Bone stock DelSol. Very fun to drive. Kinda like a fwd Miata in a way. I really like it.

Twongi. Decent to drive, so why not own one. Its also bone stock.

Is that a Supra!? Yes, yes it is, and its also bone stock. I really like the looks of this model.

Stock Abarth 500.

I liked it so much I has two :3

Stock MR-S. I really love these.

Lightly tuned Yaris. I basically just fixed the little things I didn’t like about the stock one.
Suspension, wheels and tyres were upgraded. I didn’t like the way the stock car would pitch forwards so much under heavy braking.
Flywheel and air intake upgrades to make the engine rev faster. I felt as though the stock engine took too long to gain revs.
And a couple of small upgrades here and there for a little more power.
And that’s pretty much all I did to it. It feels really good to drive now :D

Replica of the S13 seen in Initial D.

Stock NC Miata. I like the NC.

Stock IS300. Probably my fav stock sedan.

Probably my fav stock Miata.

Stanced Yaris with a sprinkle of otaku culture. (I recently posted more pics of it)

Stock EP3. I really love the engine in this car,

Stock Integra. Very good to drive.

I found this beauty on the storefront. I really liked the paint job. Drives pretty good too.

Stock 206. This car is huge fun to drive.

Lightly tuned Del Sol. Suspension, tires, diff, brakes and a few engine mods improve handling and make it really fun but not overwhelming and still very usable as a daily.

Stock foxbody. I love the look of these.

This car felt better than expected. I quite liked it.

Lightly tuned Miata. Similar setup to the DelSol. Perfect street tune.

Stock ZZW20. Very fun.

Another Inital D replica.

Lightly tuned MR-S. Another street tune.

Replica of turbo Phil. This replica is outdated now since I cant do a V6 swap in this game.

Lightly tuned S14.

This car is surprisingly good to drive. Completely stock.

I really love the 1 series coupe. I left it stock.

E30 M3 race car. I’m really happy with how the livery turned out. Great to drive. Probably my fav M3.

Stock NSX-R

Turbocharged EP3

Stock Evora. Very good to drive. One of my fav Lotus.

I love Fairlady Z. Completly stock.

Herbie the love bug inspired paint. Heavily modified.

Initial D replica.

Street tuned NC.

Another stock NSX-R

Drift spec AE86. Best used on downhill touge. Feels kinda under powered on other tracks.

This car is amazing!

Lightly tuned IS F. Pretty good sedan.

Gift car because I own the ultimate edition of FM3.

I met some guy on a drift lobby and he was really cool. He gave me this Carlton. The setup is really good!

My drift spec IS300. Probably the best drift car I have made.

Drift spec S14. It needs a lot of work.

My first ever drift car. The setup is pretty decent.

Another drift car.

This Porsche is good. I like it.

Another gift car I got for having the ultimate edition of this game.

Racing Mustang. The suspension setup needs work. Over steers too much and its not easily controlled.

Modified MR2

Fully upgraded FWD Yaris. I used to have a fully upgraded RWD Yaris, but I preferred the way the FWD Yaris drove, so I sold the RWD one.

Seasons greetings GT-R. Gift car.

Another GT-R

I love this car!

Its gorgeous!

Drift spec Supra.
This thing is wild!

I love this thing. Sounds good, drives good and looks good.

IS300 tuned for the race track. It is pretty good.

Gifted because I have the ultimate edition of FM3.

A very fast and very badass Viper.

Supercharged Vette.

Drift spec Dorito machine, with paint splats.

Probably my best drift car. (well it was a drift spec car from stock so)

This NSX is really good.

An extreme Ferrari.

Gran Turismo GT-R replica with 1,000HP.

Modified Viper. I quite like this car. Its surprisingly stable.

Another gift car.

Another Gran Turismo replica.

One of my fav R2 class cars.

Won for levelling up.

And another I won for levelling up.

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GTRTURTLE 🔰 🐢(Oo \ S K Y L I N E / oO) (Koen

Why can’t the newer games have cool cars like these?

12/03/2018 - 20:28 |
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GTRTURTLE 🔰 🐢(Oo \ S K Y L I N E / oO) (Koen

Hol up a Gran Turismo livery GTR in Forza?

12/03/2018 - 20:29 |
0 | 0

I found it in the storefront then I downloaded it lol

12/03/2018 - 21:21 |
0 | 0
Bence Matuz

Super niiice! :) This game introduced me to the Forza series, I played it a lot, got the Ultimate Collection, but then I played F4 even more! :D

12/03/2018 - 20:46 |
0 | 0

same, except I never got fm4

12/03/2018 - 21:21 |
0 | 0

You not got my car?!
Also the SW20 could almost be counted as an initial d replica

12/03/2018 - 22:12 |
0 | 0
Car interested person

Damn, makes me really miss Forza 3…

12/04/2018 - 22:16 |
0 | 0

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