Some random thoughts I decided to share!

It’s 9 pm, the day couldn’t be any more boring. Stress has built up over the day…and there is only one way to put it out! He goes and grabs the keys to his car, looks at the emblem that has been delivering nonstop fun and learning, and tightly grips the keys as he opens the door. He reaches the car, unlocks it, and it blinks. At this moment, to him, it is no more an it, it is a her. He sticks the key in the ignition, turns it, and listens as she springs to life and lets go once she is firing all fours. The Honda emblem lights up the center screen. To him, it is not just any Honda, it is the Honda Accord he has been daily driving for the past two years, the one that he acquired his experience with, the one he is currently one with. He puts on the seatbelt and fumbles around in his usb to find something to listen to. Oil has circled and coolant is no more at ambient temperature and the screen displaying “Reminisce.” by A Himitsu. He throws the gear into drive and takes off slowly wondering what road to take. “Should I take the prince road? Nah, lunatics are all over it by now. King road? Less lunatics, higher speed. Corniche road? Probably blocked despite the atrocious weather” Not too many choices to choose from considering it is a Thursday night. He settles to take the king road as, to him, it represents Wangan highway in Japan. As soon as he reaches the merging lane, he stabs the throttle shut. The engine downshifts from 5 all the way down to second, lurches ahead, and the Accord screams happily with all her might as she climbs from 40 all the way to the limit of 100 km/h. Once he’s on, his friend calls him that he is free now and is willing to go out. “it is late mate! It’s a quarter past nine!” He says, “Yeah so? Don’t tell me you ever reach to wherever we decide before 10, now where you want to eat?” Replied his friend “Ugh, your call” “It was my call last time, your choose” “The group chose last time, I don’t know what to pick honestly” “we’re doing this again? Come on meet me at Tahliya Street, we’ll decide there” and his friend shuts the line straight, not giving a chance to recover, let alone respond. He parks at the side of the road, sets the GPS to Tahliya Street, and goes along. Despite living in the same city for over 7 years, only when he was allowed to drive alone has he started to actually learn the streets. This time he was taking no chances of being late, stabbed the throttle straight from 80 all the way to 105 km/h, and set the cruise control just under the radar speed by 2 km/h. Within 40 minutes, he met up with his friend and his friend’s little brother. His friend jumped in by his side while his brother jumped in the back. “Seatbelt!” He said. “It’s gonna close, no need” his friend replied. “Don’t make me have you put them on okay?” He demanded. “Oh boy not like last time!” His friend said as he snapped the seatbelt locked. After 20 minutes of back and forth options, they set on Subway and then a cafe. The time passes on and is friend leaves. He gets back in the car, glances at the clock that read ten to three in the morning yet he feels a flow of energy like no other! He sets the music to Lost Within by A Himitsu and decides to take the prince road, and it somehow, despite the weekend night is deserted except for a few cars at the stoplights. The street lights shine brightly and directly onto the ground as he rips through the road at the speed limit of 80 km/h, only slowing down at a couple of small roundabouts. He nears his house, glances at the clock reading 3:05 am and thinks to himself “this is not ending that early is it?” And blasts through the next u-turn, heading back to King Road. Lost Within was already replaced by Chopin’s second Nocturne in E Flat Major! Merging onto King Road, he takes the second right of the four lanes, clocks the cruise control at 80 km/h, 20 under the limit. “The road is deserted here too!” He thinks to himself. He stretches the full span of road and back, then again forth in order to be able to take the exit by Midas furniture towards home. Behind the wheel, this was the first time that he actually felt free. The survival battle of 9 pm wasn’t there to deal with, his thoughts could actually be into the car, the road feedback, and how the engine felt under the throttle pedal. It was the pure feel of being behind the wheel, in control, doing what he loves most without anything to stir the thoughts. By then, he was already reversing into the parking spot. He sat down, shut the lights and the engine off, but kept the batteries engaged for the stereo to keep running. He wanted to finish Claude Debussy’s Clair De Lune. He gripped the steering wheel as if he was still driving and glanced at the clock reading 10 to 4. Once the piece finished, he shut the batteries off, pulled the keys out, left the car, and locked her. She blinked at him as if she was saying “Until then.” He sticks his keys into the door and it’s locked. For the first, he reached back home and his parents are asleep. He shuts the door ever so gently and locks it back. He ends his day with 10 pages from James Patterson’s NYPD Red 2 only before succumbing to a slumber straight into 11 o’clock in the morning.