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It's... Almost finished!

It's... Almost finished! - Blog

More facts:

The GTL Aurora is a sedan made by my imaginary car company, GTL.
The car was originally planned to be a rear engined, RWD, 4cyl. But the prototype was later scrapped in a junkyard. The new front engined, longitudinal layout was chosen, and came with AWD only. Hooked up to an LSD, just like the prototype.

10,000 examples (10k V8s, 10k V6s) were made, and we’re built only after orders, to match options. All sold in a period of 3 years. Only shared parts were the optional +50HP coming from a Borla exhaust.

Transmissions ahd to be bought by the owner from GTL’s tuning company (that was also why torque is unknown). The max was a dual clutch 12spd auto. And, you got it with a free first aid kit.

The whole car was ensired under a factory 5 year warranty. Including, first aid kit, that will also have the equipment in the FA kit replaced when expired.