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Modern tires are a joke.

Modern tires are a joke. - Funny

What happened, seriously!

Nowadays cars have 17 inch wheels or even larger. But the tires look like they’re just gorilla tape wrapped around the wheel.. I must be getting old but back in my day, you had proper plump tires.

I personally think that thick rubber looks amazing.
I got some proper tires on my ford. The handling is smooth and it’s very grippy in the corners.
I fail to see how people think that tires like in the image look cool.

I get that you need bigger wheels because you have bigger brakes. But come on, your camry doesn’t have 20 inch brakes. Chill.

Not to mention that ride quality goes down the drain and the car looks like it left its shoes at home.

I can’t be the only one shaking hes head?