2008 Saab 9-5 2.3T Biopower 410hp/630nm

Saab - 2008 Saab 9-5 2.3T Biopower 410hp/630nm - Garage

This is my daily sleeper daddy wagon with stock looking engine bay which I haul my wife and kid in.

Extremely efficient and powerful TD04HL-15T setup

Horsepower record holder with 15T turbo within the Saab community, might even be the worlds highest for 15T turbo.

Dynoed at Pure Performance Factory to 373hp/570nm at the hubs according to latest SAE correction standard, uncorrected 381hp at the hubs. So essentially in the 410+Bhp/630+nm range, E85 is used for this power.

A little bit boring powerband in terms of top end, however a bit too much to ask of the OE exhaust manifold and 15T turbo.

Boost ramping in from 3000rpm to 4300rpm starting from 1.3 bar to 1.49 bar midrange holding to 4700rpm and then dropping off to 1.35 bar where peak power is and continues to 1 bar by 6000rpm.

100% optimized ignition and flow through the engine as all pressures have been balanced combined with zero exhaust backpressure. Exhaust manifold pressure at max 2.0bar. The key to making efficient power.

The car is tuned by myself on the street.

Acceleration times

Acceleration times with Dragy GPS and accelerometer

80-120km/h in 2.85 sec.

100-150km/h in 4.26 sec

100-200km/h 12.34 sec corrected, 12.64sec uncorrected incline of 0.55% so 3 meter altitude change on 557.6 meters acceleration length. This one can be made a lot faster, had clutch slip when trying to shift within 0.3 sec range.

Car weighs in at 1720kg with me and babyseat plus all other accessories on half tank of E85 when I put it on the scale. 1740-1750kg full tank. Every acceleration time has been done with minimum half to full tank.

Tires, suspension and brakes

17’’ Saab double 3-spoke rims with Kumho Ecsta KU36 XS 225/45 R-compound tire.
19’’ Dotz Mugello with Kumho Ecsta KU39 Le sport 235/35 ZR+Y performance street tire.

Heavy load suspension springs and bilstein sports dampers, keeping that stock sleeper look.

Powerflex bushings in many locations.

EBC brake rotors combined with OE pads.

The engine/transmission setup

B235 2.3L SAAB engine.
Forged Wössner Pistons combined with OE rods all weight balanced.
EXD custom head studs(equal to ARP).
Saab 9000 turbo cams.

Lucas 750cc injectors.
OE biopower fuelpump.
Pump E85 fuel used.

3’’ downpipe with race catalytic converter. 60mm wastegate on first bend run as an boost activated exhaust cutout to remove an total of 0.6bar backpressure to 0 bar so the backpressure gauge just flickers.
2.5’’ cat-back system which is modded slightly.
OE exhaust manifold/turbo manifold has been ported.

Saab mitsubishi TD04HL-15T 6cm2 turbo which has been max ported in turbine housing and compressor housing.
Mamba adjustable wastegate actuator combined with 1 bar spring.
Aero 2006-2010 turbo intake pipe aka king cobra which has been ported.
Large OE location aluminum intercooler.
Cold air intake with an 3D printed velocity stack adapter for 4’’ AEM dry flow air filter.

Saab F35 transmission with OE open differential.
Aero clutch pressure plate combined with an springed 6 pad sinter disc.