2021 Honda Element? Scotty just doesn't know.

So before people get too excited, there has been no official word from Honda about them bringing back the Element, so outside of fringe websites I am not too for sure from where Scotty is getting his Intel. Also I believe he completely forgot about three previous video he made where he completely sh** on the Element.

Now, people have on the past tried to claim the Honda element was coming back.. I addressed that in a 2018 post called “The Prototype that wasn’t and the Element that Won’t. #Blogpost” they seem to be be renewing that rumor every year just changing the new model date, because Elements have this huUuUUge fanbase and there is apparently a market in hyping up a discontinued vehicle with such a niche group.

I honestly feel like I have to say this every other year or so but, if Honda is going to bring back the Element then I will believe it when they announce it on their OFFICIAL website or when I physically see one with my own two eyes. And if that does happen Daddy Doug needs to review it. I honestly expected better of Scotty to put so much trust into such sketchy sources. He is getting up there in age so…