So here is one of the last videos from my old job..... the T-Rock R with 300hp

So sadly now no longer every week a new car, now it is my E34 M5 and Volvo 940 for a while, had a decent fun job at a rental car company between my Masters and that my Job which I had tests to go through for 6 Months started (and yeah Corona extended that shit for me for about 2 months). So yeah sad that this part is over with the fun, but glad that I am now an employed Geoengineer.

So back to the car, it is fun, but not as fast as I thought. It can handle quite well, but the Haldex is still not warm with me. All in all I would say, that people who are looking for a fast Cross-over will not be disapointed, but by the price tag I would rather get a real sports coupe instead of this. So that is my evaluation, enjoy the ride on the Autobahn.