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Review: #OEMTOOLS 1/2" R2 Powered Speed Ratchet

Video review on the 1/2” drive powered speed ratchet made by OEMTOOLS model number 24493 from Mobile Distributor Supply. This is also available in a 3/8” drive, this kit comes with the ratchet, charging station, and two batteries. Using this powered ratchet can be up to 7 times faster than a conventional ratchet. While it is powered, it can be used as a traditional ratchet as well to break fasteners free or if they’re binding. The two batteries included are 200mah lithium-ion. It takes approximately 45 minutes to charge and has a rotational time with no load for about 200 minutes.

Ratchet link: https://www.mobiledistributorsupply.com/24493-r2-powered-ratchet-oem

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