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IndyCar Will Adopt The Aeroscreen in 2020!

IndyCar Will Adopt The Aeroscreen in 2020! - Motorsport
IndyCar Will Adopt The Aeroscreen in 2020! - Motorsport

After last year’s F1 Halo debacle, ACCUS (Automobile Comission Committee for the United States) - the USA’s FIA - have decided to go completely the opposite direction.

From 2020 onwards, the NTT IndyCar Series will adopt the Red Bull Advanced Technologies Aeroscreen concept. Yes, the same Red Bull as F1. After first making an appearance at a 2016 Russian GP practice session, the device was never seen again - until now.

A shield design was tested last season successfully, with drivers like Scott Dixon and Josef Newgarden singing it’s praises, but with a few small errors. However, since that design is still not race ready, Red Bull have thrown their hat in the ring to supply the series with their driver safety device.

One of the biggest problems with the prototype design was the heat inside the cockpit. Because of this, RBAT have partnered with Dallara (the chassis manufacturers) to build a vent into the car - as can be seen in front of the device - to keep the driver cool.

The Aeroscreen will be constructed of a Polycarbonate laminated screen mounted on a titanium frame, also supplemented by a titanium halo-style device, just to be extra safe. It’s rated to the same specifications of the halo, so it’s pretty damn strong.

I guess this is one of the last steps before open wheel cars become fully enclosed. Not gonna lie, makes me kind of sad. But I’d rather watch F1 or IndyCar knowing that a driver is safer.

What does everyone think of the Aero-halo-devicey-thing ?? Let me know below..

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