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1996 Nissan Maxima GLE

Nissan - 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE - Garage

Loaded to the teeth; this is the car I took on trade for my 1991 Ford LTD. “Which is now being set up to go drag racing somewhere in the NJ- NYC area.”

This car is equipped with the rare 5 Speed Manual and the fantastic VQ30DE 3.0 V6 which was Nissan’s meat and potatoes when it comes to their performance V6 engines from the 90’s. This car has a factory LSD and every other option that makes it as nice as the Infinity counterpart. I have already done a ton of work to this car, and let me tell you its super fun to drive.

Engine is rated for 220HP and 220 Torque. From my knowledge this car was one of the fastest 4 door Japanese sport sedans you can get in the late 90’s with a top speed of 147MPH. You can translate that into the Queens English if you are so inclined.

I no longer own this vehicle. It was a great car, but I sold it for 4000$ to buy my WRX! I dearly miss it.