Citroen AX is so cute. Just saw one in absolute mint condition. I looked up its specs and it surprised me. It comes in everything, gas, diesel and even electric. Even has an AWD version.

1.4L 101PS “GTI” or 95PS “GT” with a catalyser.
Tbh, i’d like to have a 4X4 Model that i would convert to GT (because GTI wouldn’t pass emissions, 4X4 comes with a cat). Or just take the AWD system and put it on an actual GT.
It’s so adorable and it weighs under 800KG. (And a bit over for the AWD one.) Just imagine what an absolute blast it would be to have a 800KG AWD car with 95PS.
You get to 108PS with a remap and a K&N filter.
I guess if you tune it a little more, you could get to 140PS.
Maybe replace the stock cat… Ok. Nah. Gotta make a First.Car.LIVE! about it when i get some time. It’s just too intriguing. No more voting, just upvotes.
I have, like, 10+ cars i want to talk about, but i just don’t have time whatsoever. So many nights i did homework until 2AM.