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My Personal Top 5 Cars Of 2017 #blogpost

My Personal Top 5 Cars Of 2017 #blogpost - Blog

Alright, let’s do this. This list is entirely subjective, so don’t walk at me with pitch forks and shit.

5. Ford Fiesta

My Personal Top 5 Cars Of 2017 #blogpost - Blog

This year, the old 2009 model is being phased out. About time. The new model looks so much better (at least in my opinion) than the old model, the interior quality has been improved a lot and the less-than-optimal 1.25 litre four-cylinder engine has been phased out. Although I’m not entirely sure if the 1.1 litre three-cylinder that replaced it is really better. And the new bronze paint looks great on that car.
Now, I’m a bit biased towards Fiestas and there probably are a hundred cars that should have been here instead, but it’s an entirely subjective list, so I do what I want.

4. Škoda Kodiaq

My Personal Top 5 Cars Of 2017 #blogpost - Blog

It’s just like any other SUV from the Volkswagen-Audi-Group, whatever. I just like how it looks. So many SUVs nowadays look like they are trying hard to look sporty while deep inside knowing that nobody will ever have any kind of fun in them. The Kodiaq at least looks manly again - even though it’s not nearly as capable off road as a true off-road car (like a Wrangler or a Defender or even a Lada 4x4). I just like how it looks.

3. Lexus LC500

My Personal Top 5 Cars Of 2017 #blogpost - Blog

Again, this car is just here because I like how it looks - just like the other cars on the list. It belongs on the list because it looks like it’s a concept car or a crazy design study, but it isn’t. It’s a production car that you can directly order from the dealer, given the money. This thing looks absolutely mental. The grille, the huge wheel arches, the lights - everything about this car has that little extra push over the cliff that no other production car in its price range has. A Corvette C7 and a Mercedes-AMG GT look boring next to it, and that’s really a feat.

2. Ford GT

My Personal Top 5 Cars Of 2017 #blogpost - Blog

Probably the most anticipated car of this year. The first Ford GT was Ford’s revenge aganist Ferrari. With a tube chassis and a truck engine, Ford built an absolutely ruthless car that dominated Le Mans for years to come. Fifty years later, Ford won Le Mans again. This time, again, with a truck engine under the bonnet. This isn’t a car built for pepole just to show off, this is a race car for the road. It’s not as pretty as the 2005 Ford GT, but that wasn’t Ford’s aim this time. They wanted a car that’s able to dwarf Ferrari both on the road and on the track. Simply an incredible machine.

On my list it’s only falling short of the…

1. Kia Stinger

My Personal Top 5 Cars Of 2017 #blogpost - Blog

Yes, the Kia Stinger tops even the almighty Ford GT on my list. It’s my absolute favourite car of this year. The reason it is is because it shows that there still are cars targeted towards drivers. In a world of more than questionable SUVs, ridiculous Hybrids and self-driving cars (not like the latter two are necessarily a bad thing), Kia builds a car that’s targeted towards drivers and enthusiasts. I cannot give this car enough praise. That already starts with the name. Kia didn’t bother with witty puns or some clichéd lifestyle buzzwords. Instead, they just called it Stinger. Perfect.
It looks epic. It’s rear wheel drive. It tops out at 270 km/h without the stupid limiter that every German marque installs. Oh, and it has four doors, just in case. Now, of course, a base price of more than 40’000€ (or 55’000€ for the top model) for a Kia is quite a bit, but compare it to the equally quick and less pretty Audi S4 and you’re looking at 60’000€ before options. I really hope that the Stinger will be sucessful. After all, it’s the coolest car Kia has ever made.