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1988 Toyota MR2 AW11b

Toyota - 1988 Toyota MR2 AW11b - Garage

A new project is going to start. This AW11 will be stripped down completely, sanded, then painted dark blue metallic.
No specific plans about specs yet. Only thing I know is it will have a six-speed.
We’re doing my fathers AW11 first, when that one’s done we’ll start working on this thing.

Toyota - 1988 Toyota MR2 AW11b - Garage

Update 11/02/21:
The AW11a of my father is done! And what a beauty she is (It’s the silver and white one in the gallery).
My car is on the cart now, and the stripping down has begon.
All plastics and rubbers will be cleaned with the ultrasound cleaner or by hand.
Metals will be sandblasted (and glassperreld). Later on there will be new paint/powdercoating.
Other parts will be galvanised. Nothing will be left untouched.
Most interiorparts are in prestine condition, others will be replaced. I will be going for a MK1a steering wheel.

Update 25/02/21:
The car is completely stripped. The doors are still attached, but completely empty. The engine has been pulled. The tunnel (gas tank, metal lines, …) is empty. All small dents are found (I hope) and tagged.
The car has been cleaned with a pressure washer (with and without steam).
A start at wetsanding has been made.

Update 10/03/21:
The 4AGE engine is in pieces. The block was unusable, so I got myself a new one. The block has been sandedblasted (with all holes plugged) and cleaned. Every hole has been cleaned so not a single grain of sand would be left. The oil channels had gasoline pumped trough them, than air and at last rags (and then air again) so, once again, not a grain of sand was left.
The block (just mildly coloured in rust by now) has been prepped for paint. It will be painted in Lotus’ yellow.