The Last Generation Thunderbird... again.

The Last Generation Thunderbird... again. - American Cars

Alright, so it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been on Car Throttle, bu-

It’s been over 3 years.

Huh. Well, we’re back. So why not start back off where we left off: the last T-Bird.

The Last Generation Thunderbird... again. - American Cars

The last gen Bird doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves. Think about it: rear wheel drive, 3.9L V8, crisp and sleek retro styling, some nice standard features (for the time). It’s an interesting car for sure, the styling catches attention. Not in the Pontiac Aztek or Nissan Juke kinda way, it’s just different, in a good way.

Okay, so it doesn’t exactly have the same kind of power and sportiness as a Corvette, but that never what the T-Bird was truly about. It was supposed to have enough power to be easy and fun to drive, while still offering luxury and comfort. The Corvette was for people who wanted a race car for the street. Sure, there were Corvette’s that offered luxury, and the was the very rare 1957 F-code supercharged version that offered more horsepower than the 1957 fuel injected Corvette, but mainly, their purposes were different.

The Last Generation Thunderbird... again. - American Cars
The Last Generation Thunderbird... again. - American Cars

So, it’s been 3+ years since the last time we talked about this car. What’s changed?

Well, Doug DeMuro reviewed one. His main complaint it seems was with build quality. Could it be better? Sure. Honestly, for an early-2000’s American built car, it’s not bad.
The Ford Bronco was released! Another glimmer of hope that Ford may be bringing back some classic models.

So, what’s you opinion on the last generation Thunderbird? Do you think it deserves more love? We sure do. Do you think Ford may have future plans to revive the Thunderbird name? Maybe in an electric car… That might actually be an interesting idea. Would you consider buying a new T-Bird if they were to make one? What would you want from it?

If you’re interested, you can find this car and more photos of it on our website:

We hope you can excuse our long absence from Car Throttle. Priorities change and some things have to be sacrificed. But we hope to get back into it and post here a lot more often now that we have a little more time. More interesting and rare cars to come soon!

EDIT: Oops, maybe we should’ve done some research before saying we’d be back. It looks like Car Throttle as a social media site has kinda gone downhill since we left. That’s really a shame, we really enjoyed it here. But, we may not be back in the same way that we had initially hoped. Anyways, you can always check us out on other social media from the links in our profile and by taking a look at our website:
Thanks for the memories!