My entry for the #sportscarchallenge

After watching many Failrace videos, I have decided to make a sports car that will try to kill the driver (Not saying that it’ll be fast, just because it would be entertaining for myself)

The engine will be an 8.3 liter 2003-2007 Viper engine (As if the Viper itself wasn’t scary enough)
Base: Naturally-aspirated, 510 hp @ 5600 RPM, 535 lb-ft @ 4200 RPM engine, base model.

Sport: weight reduced from base model, upgraded brakes & suspension, Sport Bucket Seats, Roll Cage.

Roadster: Removable roof.

Roadster Sport: You get the idea.

The Drivetrain

The engine was chosen to provide maximum power and torque without going too much over 500 hp, and not getting it for too much money either (You can grab one for less than $10k USD). A 6 speed manual is the only option, and there are no driver aids (ABS, TCS). The car is rear-engined.

Running Gear
Because the buyer won’t expect any sort of comfort at all, the chassis will be an aluminium space frame chassis, with fiberglass body panels (inspiration by TVR). The default suspension will have Double wishbones in the front, and cue earrape LIVE AXLE in the rear for RWD models. A FWD will have Torsion beams in the rear. Lightened, lower springs and stiffened anti roll bars will come in the sport package. A limited-slip differential comes as standard. Brakes are standard disc brakes, with carbon ceramic brakes part of the sport package. The car will have 255 mm tires all around.

The car will be rear-engined and look similar to an elongated Lotus Evora 2 seater, in courtesy of the Hennessey Venom GT. Trunk space should be the same as a normal Evora. Based on the Hennessey Venom GT, which has a lot of carbon fiber, weight for the base model would be around 1600 kg with the Sport Package shaving off a little over 100 kg of that. Standard, there will be a small wing, similar to that of the Evora S, with a slightly bigger wing like that of the Sport 400 available. The aim is for as little downforce without compromising the look of the vehicle.

The default interior is a standard cloth interior, the same way as how lotus left it. There is no infotainment system. Sport Bucket seats are available with the Sport package, as well as stripping some of the interior, including A/C, Spare Tire, and the interior trim.
Extra options: - RWD (If all of the torque steer and insane FWD isn’t for you)
Multiple colours, exterior and interior.
Different wheel options, 18 or 19”.
Power Steering
Sport exhaust (for better sounds)
Fire extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Warranty (Up to 5 years on anything in the car)
Lightweight composite window
Estimated performance figures
0-60mph: 4.2 seconds (If you’re lucky with wheelspin) Top speed: 200 MPH (all trims) Nurburgring lap: DNF (jk, about 7:30 fully loaded if the driver isn’t dead by then)
The base model would start at around $80 000, putting it against cars like the Corvette, Porsche 911 and older TVRs, but this is trying to kill you so a mustang rival it is. The sport model would cost closer to $92 500, fully specced out would be slightly under $100k.