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2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 (EX400)

2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 (EX400) - Garage

My mum said not to waste money on used junk, so I sold the Hyosung and bought a brand new Ninja. I figured it’s not fair that I have never dropped a bike yet all the ones I owned had bad scratches and marks from previous owners, plus buying brand new means I get a warranty and the peace of mind that it has been run-in correctly and looked after.

I was going to get it wrapped before posting on CarThrottle, but I changed my mind when I finally got around to detailing it.
Oh, and did I mention that 19 is my lucky number?

There is a bit of a backstory; I sold the Hyosung on Christmas Eve and then had to decide which bike to get out of the BMW G310R, KTM RC390, and Yamaha R6. After reading up on them all I preferred the KTM, but it has a magnitude of issues (and the seat was super hard) so I decided to get the Yamaha since it looked cool, had decent power, was very smooth and was very comfortable. At the last moment I decided to try the Ninja 400 and found it to be exactly like the R3 but better - however the price tag was too high.
I soon found out that a motorcycle shop was closing down and they had a Ninja 400 KRT Edition on special for $500 more than the Yamaha so I drove two hours to the city to buy it, only to find a SOLD sticker stuck to it. I then decided to wait until payday and buy a brand new Ninja 400 KRT, but when I saw it in person I thought the green was flat and ugly so I saved $500 and just got black.