First. Car. LIVE! #17: [Fiat Panda Novitec 4X4] Rate it in the comments below.

Fiat - First. Car. LIVE! #17: [Fiat Panda Novitec 4X4] Rate it in the comments below. - Ask Car Throttle

Intro: Yeah, it was quite some time from the last one. But i had a lot of stuff to do, and neither had ideas. Anyway, how come a Novitec 4x4? Just wait and see.

For the base of our project, we will take a 0.9L Panda 4X4, the base one, not Cross Panda. So it will have my engine of choice, the turbocharged 0.9L 2-cyl 8V twinair engine, but also the AWD system.

This is the third installment in the Panda series and also in the 4X4 series.
Since the first release of the Panda Gen. 1 in 1980, it was a massive success for Fiat.
The 3rd generation was released in 2011 with all its different editions, the most special ones being the 4X4 and the Cross, them being fully equipped for off-roading.

The first mod on my list would be changing all the bumpers on their regular variant, but while keeping the plastic that extends the wheel arches for a little extra wide bodykit.
Next up would be buying the Novitec kit that consists in the splitter, spoiler and Novitec N10 rims.
The suspensions will need to be lowered, because it still has the off-road stance.
And finally a chiptune would be just great to push it up to 125HP. Maybe install a short intake with a cheap air filter to maybe push it to 130HP.

The final budget after selling everything that was replaced would be around 5000€, but considering this is a modern car, and the newest car that i had on my series, i think the price is acceptable, especially with all the 4X4 features.

As you all know, i really like AWD cars. I think that’s the best thing to have on a car.
Of course this would be a really good first car and not just an exciting project.
It has enough power to be fun, but most importantly, it has only 2 cylinders with that much power. It’s beyond quirky and it has a lot of character.

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