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25 Top Gear Moments From Series 20 Episode 6

This series may have finished, but our memories of episode 6 will remain - speaking of which, here are all the highlights!

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1. This is a Chelsea Tractor, which is rubbish. 1 2. This is its replacement, which is much better as it can do this. 2 3. Build quality is top notch (we'll ignore that bit). 3 4. It can also do this! 4 5. With Stig at the wheel, it went around Donnington in 1:29.5. 5 6. 'That's all good Hammond, but it still doesn't have a flappy bit to sit on!' 6 7. The news: traffic wombles still suck. 7 8. Jezza's drawing of Mr Pickles is extremely accurate. 8 9. £300k could get you an Aventador, but have you considered this bus? 9 10. It's very easy to operate... 10 11. 'Oh cock!' 11 12. 'Off my bus you pesky kids!' 12 13. 'Cock, again.' 13 14. The road is always open in front because the traffic is behind! 14 15. Like a 911, it's rear-engined, so you can take it on a track day! 15 16. 'So Mark, are you missing your teammate?' 16 17. He hit his ex-colleague right where it hurts with a great lap time. 17 18. On Twitter, Jezza wonders whether he should swap his CLK Black for this. 18 19. We think that's a 'yes'. 19 20. Everyone thinks our automotive sector looks like this. 20 21. Actually, we make things here, here, here and here! 21 22. Bet you didn't know this! 22 23. We're also the proud owner of the world's steadiest hand! 23 24. 7 F1 team bases can be seen from this hill 24 25. Lastly, everything you see here is British. On that note, farewell for now! 25 Watch the last episode of series 20 here on iPlayer